Vitality Pool
Bubble into soothing relaxation in comfortable 35C waters, complete with Hydro back bench, air tubs and neck massage spouts, and foot massage nozzles. Benefits:

  • Rest and vitalisation to body and psyche
  • Pleasant warm water, natural water flexibility and massage functions enhance a sensation of weightlessness for expelling stress and tension by relaxing muscles and joints
  • Blood circulation is improved and muscles relaxed for increased general well-being; accelerated circulation also supplies more oxygen to muscles to destroy harmful substances
  • Hydrotherapy with warm water stimulates the production of endorphins with natural sedative effects
  • Ideal rest after sauna or steam room for healthy and refreshing sleep later in the night

Sink into this special herbal bath, concocted with salted water and laced with lavender for floatation therapy or simply meditate in the marble resting chair. Benefits:

  • Deep physical tranquility and mental relaxation, reducing stress and loosening tensions
  • Blood vessels are relieved to lower high blood pressure
  • Blood circulation to muscles, spine, neck and joints is improved
  • Backaches, headaches and joint pains are soothed, especially beneficial for rheumatic illnesses
  • Immune system is strengthened
  • Body and brain are effectively regenerated
  • Nurturing and healing effect on the skin
  • Respiratory system is alleviated
  • Healthy and re-creative sleep is enhanced

Refresh under this experiential shower, washing away all lingering ailments from jet lag to stress by simulating natural settings with sounds and varying water pressures.

Vichy Showers
Stay relaxed after your massage or therapy as showerheads parallel to your treatment table rinse you off.

Resonance Room
Let your cares go on the Jouvence dry float spa bed, a great way of relaxing post-treatment as the sensation of weightlessness calms the body, enhances blood circulation and opens the pores for maximum treatment effect.


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